Who we are?

As part of the global network, the YGS puts emphasis on cultural interactions, as well as on the promotion and multilingualism of its pupils.

We attach great importance to multilingualism as a resource for the future and individuality of our learners, as well as the encounter of cultures.

From music to sports, from art to social responsibility: the YGS offers many opportunities to get involved in many different activities after school.

The YGS offers the German International Baccalaureate (GIB), as well as the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

We care for children ages 3 and above, promote and challenge them already in kindergarten and at preschool, and make optimal education possible for our pupils right from the start.

As a comprehensive school, the YGS offers the secondary school certificate (Brevet) in Form 9, the entrance into the qualification phase of the grammar school upper classes and, in Form 12, the mixed-language diploma programme of the IBO Geneva.

The education model is based on three principles:

Outstanding school education, ethics and values, as well as a multicultural upbringing.


We Are a Place

  • of encounter with oneself and with other people.
  • of engagement with one’s own culture as well as other cultures.
  • with a multilingual language model (German/English and French).

We Are a School

  • with personnel and technical facilities based on current European and international guidelines.
  • where children of different nationalities, religions and cultures meet.
  • where community, respectful dealing with each other and tolerance can be lived.
  • where self-reliance and self-responsibility are promoted.
  • where personalities can grow.
  • where artistic skills are invested in.