Welcome to Youth German School



At the Youth German School - YGS, we believe that every child is a unique capable individual, and has the potential to bring something special to this world.

We prepare children to become future leaders, through providing them a nurturing and creative learning environment, in addition to a tailored bilingual & multicultural academic program to suit individual needs.

At YGS, we aim to assist your children in achieving their full potential, discovering their creative abilities, gaining the confidence needed to excel in school and life, while developing their love for learning.

Our professional international team strives to ensure that all students are always motivated and excited to come to school, learn, engage and build special charismatic characters.

At YGS, education is different. We have created world-class models that meet the increasing education demands of the future; children are introduced to several languages and cultures in order to enhance their cultural awareness, prepare them to face the challenges of a multicultural global community, and for them to become global citizens who respect, accept and embrace the differences between human beings based on their understanding of cultural diversity.

Who we are?
Mission & Vision

How does YGS differ from other educational offers in Lebanon?

Within our pleasant and welcoming environment, every child is treated as a unique individual. Our goal at YGS is to create an exceptional educational experience, while providing a fun atmosphere for learning.

  • Our school is one big family. Every team member knows every student in the school, and students are encouraged to build friendships with each other, empowering socializing in the age of social media.
  • YGS welcomes children from different nationalities, religions and cultures, helping build a civilized society, while promoting cultural diversity.
  • Our classes are spacious while the number of students in each class is small. Reducing the number of students in each class is an imitative that results in better learning conditions, and improve the relationship between students and teachers.
  • Your children are our children. Our whole staff seeks to enhance your children's personal, social and emotional development. While learning at YGS, your child builds up self confidence, a successful mindset and a charismatic character.
  • Our tri-lingual curriculum encourages students toward higher level thinking and appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • Technology is integrated in all aspects of teaching at YGS. Introduction of new technologies enhances the learning experience, while giving your children the opportunity to develop their digital skills, for future career purposes.
  • Extracurricular artistic, creative and sports activities.
  • We see potential in every student, and guide them to transform their hobby and potential into a profession, through engaging them in relative activities.
  • The overall safety of our children and staff is of the utmost importance, which is why our facilities were designed to comply with European and International standards and guidelines, creating a safe yet fun environment for everyone.

We Are a Space

  • of encounter with oneself and with other people.
  • of engagement with one’s own culture as well as other cultures.
  • with a multilingual language model (German/English/Arabic and French).

We Are a School

  • with personnel and technical facilities based on current European and international guidelines.
  • where children of different nationalities, religions and cultures meet.
  • where community, respectful dealing with each other and tolerance can be lived.
  • where self-reliance and self-responsibility are promoted.
  • where personalities can grow.
  • where artistic skills are invested in.

YGS Partners with KIKUS

KIKUS is a language learning concept that is particularly suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10 (second language, mother tongue support, foreign language). Its focus is on the facilitation of oral language.

KIKUS was founded in 1998 by the linguist, Dr Edgardis Garlin – during her practical work. Since then, the programme has been continuously expanded.

KIKUS integrates the first languages ​​of children conceptually in all areas, thereby promoting dialogue and respect between languages ​​and cultures.

KIKUS can be used in courses and also during immersive and everyday situations.

For more info, visit www.kikus.org

YGS to be a Green School

YGS aims to be a green school in association with Green Schools Certifications.

Registered in the Green Schools Certification Program and currently working on a systematic strategy to become a certified Green School soon.

YGS has been educating youth on sustainability strategies and empowering them to hone their entrepreneurial skills on local challenges with long term and global impacts. We advocate lifestyles that value diversity, intergenerational equity and access to opportunities in tune with the planet’s natural resources. We support the development of young role models who offer a perspective on what a youth-driven sustainable society could look like.